A fictional charity for the conservation and restoration of wild bees

BeeCause poster printed in a billboard with a light shining on it

BeeCause was the final project for my Advanced Photoshop and Illustrator class. The project was to create a fictional charity that needed a poster. We had to utilize all the skills we learned throughout the term such as logo design, clipping masks, spirographs, masking and more. This original design had have three items that had the logo imposed on them.

The second design is something I created on my own for the same charity event but designed it to be for a more lavish and modern. The redesign is much more clean and sleek using greyscale geometric shapes accented with pops of gold. The idea was that when the poster was printed the bees would be metallic and reflective when seen from different angles.


Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator

Concept & Color

  • Yellow for warmth, energy and joy
  • Dark brown for stability, healing and grounding
  • Natural wood grain to keep with earthy tone
  • Logo design showcasing a bee and its hive as equal
  • Varying shades of grey for sophistication and timelessness
  • White for innocence and positivity
  • Gold bees represent illumination, wisdom and wealth
  • The gaps in the honeycomb represent the bee population declining
A yellow and brown banner along the top of a poster saying Hope for Honey with a t-shirt, honey jar and box underneath that has the BeeCause logo on them. Price for tickets is stated as 5 dollars and address of BeeCause and disclaimer on the bottom of the poster. All this is ontop of a wood grain background.
Greyscale geometric honey comb shapes cascading down from the top of the poster with gold bumblebees scattered throughout the upper half of the poster. Hope for Honey is written in simple black text with the BeeCause logo in the bottom left corner and the ticket price of 25 dollars in the bottom right corner. The phone number and website sits below as well as disclaimer. All is on a simple white background.