A fictional organic food service provider

Sketches of Organic food company logo

Ever wished you grew your own herbs, vegetables and produce at home but don’t know how to start? Bloom is the ideal service for you! It is a by-monthly subscription service where every two months you will receive a small package of organic starter herbs and small vegetables in biodegradable containers that are ready to grow on any window sill in your home.

This project was for an Advanced Photoshop & Illustrator class assignment where we were investigating what makes a great logo.


Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator

Concept & Color

  • Simple & modern
  • Not dependant on color or is stereotypical
  • Bloom inspired by flowers and mushrooms representing youthfulness and health
  • Mushrooms to portray the feeling of rapid development, good luck and rebirth
  • Brown for warmth, earth, nature, stability, honesty and healing
  • Font is chosen for being modern, round and soft in appearance
Bloom logo imposed onto wooden crates