A fictional high-performance gaming hardware, systems, software and apparel company

Foxden Logo

Foxden is a company purely created and designed by myself as an independent project. I wanted to create a company that specializes in gaming based merchandise such as headphones, mice, keyboards, mouse pads and apparel.

The concept behind it was that fox dens are warm, dark, comfortable and ultimately a safe place for the foxes. I wanted to compare that to the home spaces that video gamers and creators often work in.


Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator

Concept & Color

  • Simple & modern
  • Black for power, elegance, formality and mystery
  • White for purity, safety, perfection and positivity
  • Geometric shapes like triangles are used for their strength and power
  • The running of lines inside the design represent connections
  • The fox was used because of their cunning, much like in the gaming and creative world
  • The name foxden came from the concept of the dark, warm and safe environment
Foxden logo on headphones
Foxden logo on headphones
Foxden logo on mouse
Foxden logo on tshirt