Mobster Ink.

A fictional Vancouver, BC tattoo parlour

Original watercolor painting of a gangster squid done by Katelyn Mittelsteadt

In 2013 a movie called Gangster Squad came out in theatres and at the time my fiancé and I really wanted to go see it. However, whenever we would message or talk to each other about it we would accidentally call it Gangster Squid. This small error gave me the inspiration to create a small watercolour painting based around the idea of a Los Angeles Mobster of the sea, complete with pinstripe tie and revolver.

This original painting then later inspired the concept for my final Illustrator class assignment where we had to create a branding package including a logo design, business card, envelope, letterhead and poster. Mobster Ink was created and designed by myself and is a fictional Vancouver based tattoo parlour that is somewhat traditional but with a modern flair and wants a cute lovable character for their logo.


Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop

Concept & Color

  • Pink for playfulness, charm, love, romance and tenderness
  • Yellow for cheerfulness, warmth, attention, joy and energy
  • Dark grey for neutrality, balance, sophistication and compassion
  • White for purity, perfection and cleanliness
  • The squid came from the idea as well because it is a creature that uses "ink" as a defence mechanism
  • The design is kept simple for all other aspects besides the squid so that there isn't too much clutter or distractions
A messy stack of business cards with pink gangster squid on them