A fictional tourism pamphlet for the city of Maple Ridge, BC

Pamphlet pages opened on top a table top

This project was created for my Graphics and Colour for the Web class final assignment with the idea of how all trees have a story and a history. The pamphlet outlines what the most popular trees in Maple Ridge, BC are as well as what their lore and history is. The assignment was to create a double sided 6 page pamphlet for your hometown. It had to showcase something interesting or unique about the town.


Adobe Photoshop & Adobe InDesign

Concept & Color

  • Hand drawn sketches for a more natural feeling like in an artists journal
  • Soft brown and green tones for a natural earthy feeling
Thumbnails & Roughs
Sketches of trees and brainstorming
Finished Pamphlet
Individual pages of pamphlet