Waldorf Chocolaterie

A fictional gourmet chocolate company

Poster with chocolate bar dipped in gold with purple background

This chocolate is the most luxuriously decadent chocolate you will ever eat. Waldorf has a rich history in the chocolate industry, and still makes gourmet goods based on the notion of chocolate being a luxury. Their products only use the purest of cocoa beans, cream and secret ingredients to delight the taste buds. This gourmet delight is then lavishly paired with edible gold leafing, rich purple packaging and the desire to try the worlds purest chocolate.

This project was created with a classmate in our Advanced Photoshop & Illustrator class where we were paired up to create a client/designer scenario for a poster design. In this scenario I was the designer and she was the client.


Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator

Concept & Color

  • Purple for luxury, royalty, power, mystery and ambition
  • Brown for warmth, wholesomeness, reliability, elegance, honesty and natural
  • Gold for illumination, love, passion, wisdom and glamour
  • The design was based on vintage prints and designs of the past with detailed embelished patterns and borders
  • The font for the wordmark was traditional and decorative to showcase the age and prosperity of the company
  • The font for the rest of the poster was kept sleek and modern to show the company isn't entirely left in the past
  • When printed the gold sections would be reflective with gold leafing